Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome to Preemie Onesie Drive - Northeast Division

Yep I've finally started it. I've committed to be the driving force for this wonderful cause - to collect onesies or any other item of clothing for those tiny, precious babies in the NICU. Creating this blog is my first step in doing so! And by you reading this blog gives me enough encouragement to go forward.

As you all may know, my daughter Queen of Spice (name changed for privacy purposes) was born a 31-weeker at 4 pounds 4.8 oz. Both mine and my husband's lives have changed forever. It was the longest 28 days of my life. I missed one day when I didn't get a chance to visit my daughter in the NICU and it was because I had the worst hemmorhoids from labor! I wish someone warned me about those! :-)

I have come across a blog of another mother who had started this onesie drive. And you can guess, she is a mother of a preemie as well, but unfortunately for her, she had lost TWO (yes, count, two!) of her pregnancies. She is on her third pregnancy now and you should see the faith of this woman! She pursues life as if there is no tomorrow. What touched me about this woman besides her courage and faith is when she shared her experience at the NICU: an anonymous onesie donation was made to her baby and she felt so blessed! Well, I can relate to this experience because one day when I visited my baby, she was wearing a cute little pink crochet hat! I was so touched. I would like to make another mother feel the same way as I did to give them encouragement and comfort as they go through the same struggle. I would like to comfort them in some way, shape or form.

Will you help me? I have a task list from this fellow preemie mother on my next steps to do such as: contacting local news companies, making flyers to post at churches, schools, setting up a table at a local Babies' R Us, etc. You can help me just by praying for me or even sending me a motivational word or two!


P.S. I named my blog the 'Northeast drive' because my dream is to make this big in the Northeast! It may be a huge dream but I'm starting small with my community first!